AP Form SPA , a Venetian company which has for more than 40 years made thermoformed products,  specialising in  moulding and in pressure thermoforming.Sensitive to market requests, in the last few years, the company has realised  a constant level of development both in Italy and abroad , thanks to reliable and flexible productivity not without -mentioning reaching  the utmost details in the pieces we make.

Our strengths without any doubt are:

  • experience in the thermoforming field using a wide range of plastic materials.
  • the inclination toward innovative technology which enables the company to keep the production costs  under control
  • the possibility to supply finished products or pre-assembled products with eventual accessories if required.
  • the possibility to mould products with dimensions up to 4000x2000x1000mm.
  • twin sheet mould technology 
  • an extensive production capacity guaranteed by 9 thermoforming machines and 6 work centres manned by 5 assistants with the possibility to assemble pieces of every type.