Moulding Department

The area is made up of 9 thermoforming, single stationed  machines with flat surface gate moulds of the maximum dimension 4000 x 2000 x 900 mm, equipped with the most up-to-date heating and control systems on today’s market, some boasting automatic loading and unloading with the possibility to produce Twin sheets. The collaboration in  these years with important sized companies has enabled AP Form SPA to develop both state of the  art and complex mould solutions.

Movie Tween Sheet

The Finishing Department

This department is fitted out with 6 of the latest  5-axis  cutting robots CNC 

which can be programmed with a self -learning system where 3D files are available , with software systems such as CAD-CAM , able to read files in IGES, DXF, DWG and STEP.

AP Form SPA’s attention to the aesthetic aspect of the product has now enabled us  to offer a wide range of thermoformed products, made with the utmost care, quality and originality.

The Foaming Department

Two of the latest generation machinery systems in high pressure foaming of rigid, high and low density polyurethane, are constantly working, enabling AP Form SPA to integrate into our thermoforms specific needs of soundproofing, thermic insulation and structural strengthening .

The Assembly Department

In this department, plastic parts are assembled through the use of electronic equipment for gluing using ultrasound adhesion mono or bi-component tested.

The Bending Department

Unusual products from flat surface sheets can be realised through special linear heating machinery to bend plastic materials with lengths up to 2000mm and thicknesses up to 5-6 mm.

Technical Office

The technical staff is made up of people with many years of experience who supply efficient consultancy for the best possible management of materials and of the technology most appropriate to meet the needs of the client. Open to new challenges to always make new innovative and unusual designs, breaking the barriers of the typical limits of thermoforms , has enabled us to face new and interesting projects, The integration of many technologies has given us the chance to revolutionise projection methods, enabling AP Form SPA to make atypical products, supplying with added value for clients, supplying products of the highest quality with advantageous costs.

Projection, Moulding Building And Equipment Department

In this department, equipment is projected, necessary for making prototypes and successively , mass production.

AP Form SPA’s elevated professionally is rooted in the knowledge of all the possible industrial problems and their consequent solutions in short times and in appropriate ways, thanks to careful programming and creation of thermoformed products with the final quality always  higher and higher .

It is for this reason more and more clients challenge and trust us, in achieving  results which match their expectations.

Quality Control

Here reserved, is a well-defined space where tests and trials are made with the aim to offer products which come up to scratch with the clients expectations and the qualitative standard of the sector. AP Form SPA, in fact, aims to offer an ever-increasing level of quality.

Public Relations Office With Clients + Services Integrated

Thanks to prompt and consolidated interaction between departments, AP Form SPA is able to answer any of the client’s questions and consistently offer complete assistance and attention, The company , due to a solid and consolidated internal structure, is able to support clients in the management of their needs through the running of closed and open orders ,but, moreover previsional orders with call- off and kan-ban recalls.

Logistics Department

The company has arranged a large and secure area for products in arrival or in departure, as well as, a vast portfolio of packaging, products and service solutions able to accompany, protect and safeguard your products in whatever part of the world they many be delivered to!!