The Mission

AP Form SPA, ideas transformed in thermoformed  pieces always created with one eye on the client needs is mission completed!

Our Company, recently ISO 9001:2008 certified , answers with courtesy and speed, offers accurately refined products of the highest quality, constantly researching the solutions to meet our many clients ‘ expectations.To your ideas we offer an unlimited range of colours and shapes, all our experience, the high performance of our technical staff without mentioning our qualified and dynamic personnel , as well as reliability,seriousness and promptness .


AP Form SPA offers a wide assortment of possible integrative applications.

  • Drawing realisation and  product trimmings
  • assistance and consultancy
  • prototyping and design
  • Mould building equipment
  • projection and realisation 
  • moulding
  • finishing
  • polyurethane  LD and Hd foaming
  • metal part and plastic mould assembly
  • ultrasound welding 
  • painting and (serigraphy silk screen printing)
  • heat bending
  • the possibility to supply injected or rotational mould parts thanks to collaborating with a qualified partner.
Quality System

Inside the productive process, a highly elevated standard is guaranteed obtained by meticulous attention to detailed co-operation, when requested, from complaints to laboratory tests on raw  materials to be used . Respecting all to be expected from our quality manual in accordance with the norms   considered by the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Moreover, the constant monitoring of all the company activities carried out from highly specialised operators, consenting us to promptly  avoid any eventual difficulties and collaborating with the client, AP Form SPA, is able to make dynamic and appropriate decisions, in order that the products always reach the clients’ expectations.


AP Form SPA by long-standing consolidated partnership with qualified and certified suppliers, is able to ensure high quality standards also in the choice of materials for which we can also ensure, wherever requested, the traceability of the production batch.

Commodities trated:
• PST (also V0)
• ABS (also V0)

Wide range of colors RAL, PANTONE, dedicated or by sample.